Learning Spanish

Learning Spanish

Your new life on the Costa del Sol promises to be a wonderful adventure, and there are a number of ways that can make the transition easier and more enjoyable. If you want to assimilate properly into the Andalusian way of things, you will need to learn the language, and doing that could be easier than you ever thought.


It’s a good idea to start practising before you make the move, and to at least learn some of the words and phrases that will help you get started. Don’t worry if you think you might get a few things wrong, the locals will love the fact that you’re making an effort. Spanish people will appreciate your attempts at integrating.


There are online resources and language CDs on the market for you to try at home, and of course once you move to Spain you’ll find a number of schools and colleges offering study courses for you to sign up to. Spanish may seem like a difficult language to master, but in actual fact it’s not as complicated as many others.

Words and phrases that are all around you

It goes without saying that the language is all around you when you go shopping, play golf, head to the beach and spend time in bars and restaurants, so you’ll always pick up more along the way. How much of this you absorb will perhaps depend on how determined you are to become more fluent.


If you have young children, they are highly likely to pick up the language faster than you. Whether they attend Spanish state schools or perhaps an international school, they will be exposed to words and phrases throughout their day. Here at Simply Costa Developments, we often find parents learning just as much from their children as they do from anyone else.


Spain in general and the Costa del Sol region in particular have large ex-pat communities, so if you don’t have a yearning to speak Spanish there will still be plenty of English spoken in your chosen area. It helps to learn the local lingo, of course, but you don’t have to if you don’t want to.


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