Starting a brand new life in another country can be a little intimidating at first, but when the transition is from the UK to Spain you’ll be pleased to know some aspects of everyday living are easy to organise. When it comes to healthcare, Spain offers one of the finest systems to be found anywhere in Europe.


Life expectancy here is high, second only to Switzerland in Europe, so you know they’re doing things in the right way. In general, healthcare here is free to those who live or work in Spain, although you may have to pay a small amount towards the cost of prescriptions.


Waiting lists for operations and procedures in hospitals and clinics are a little longer than they once were, though the system is still a good one. If you’d like to be more of a priority, there are several health insurance providers that you can pay money to, just as you can if you live in Britain.

A comprehensive range of medical services

You’ll need to register with a GP on the Costa del Sol, most of whom will work in the local health centre, known in Spain as a centro de salud. It’s worth noting that dentist and optician services in Spain are also highly regarded. Once you’re registered, you’ll be eligible for both emergency and non-emergency healthcare. For the former, you need to call 112 for services such as ambulance, police and fire.


You’re in good hands when you need treatment here in Spain, a country where the standards are rightly regarded as very high. There are several excellent hospitals on the Costa del Sol, including the Costa del Sol Hospital in Marbella, Malaga General Hospital and the Hospital de Alta Resolución Valle del Guadalhorce, which is close to Cártama.


It’s reassuring to know that one aspect of your new life in Spain will be easy to organise. There will be many other issues that need to be taken care of, naturally, but this is definitely one of the easiest. A brand new start on the sublime Costa del Sol is ready and waiting to wow you, and here at Simply Costa Developments we can help to make your dreams a reality.


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