Planning Your Move

Planning your move

If you’ve decided that a new life in Spain is just what you need, and you have found a home and are ready to make the switch, it’s time to start planning the move itself. This is the time to be organised, efficient and methodical, so don’t be afraid to make a list of things to do in the coming weeks.


Uprooting everything you own and transporting it all to Spain sounds like a good idea, but you should be asking yourself whether you really need everything? It’s sensible to walk slowly around your home and decide what really needs to be taken and what needs to be discarded.


Finding a removals company will be easy if you look online. There are a number of them available who can provide you with a quick quote, and if you don’t have much to transport you may get a better price if the movers are able to combine your job with another. As always, it’s best to look around for the ideal option.


British citizens don’t need a visa to enter Spain, but valid passports for everyone are a must. And if you plan to buy a property, you’ll need to obtain a NIE number. It also makes sense to open a Spanish bank account, even if you plan to keep your British account open.


Parents of young children will need to organise schools for the youngsters, and issues such as healthcare need to be taken care of as well. Practical advice can be found on the web, of course, and Simply Costa Developments are happy to offer guidance if you call +34 682 66 22 89. A fabulous new journey of discovery is about to unfold; we hope you enjoy every single moment.

Words from our customers

  • Thank you both for your efforts and we shall certainly pass on your name to anyone we know who wishes to sell in the future.  My best regards

    Margaret Evans

  • A huge THANK YOU to you and Neil for everything out have done for me, you have been BRILLIANT.  Wishing you both all the joys of Christmas and may 2018 bring you Health, Wealth and Happiness.

    Love Pat xx

  • Thank you so much for all your help in getting this completed so efficiently. Best regards


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