Alhaurin el Grande

Say yes to temptation in the lovely town of Alhaurin el Grande

There are so many reasons to fall in love with Alhaurin el Grande. This attractive inland town offers a golden opportunity for newcomers to adapt to a typically Spanish lifestyle, one that’s centred on making the most of a slow pace of living. Getting around is easy, thanks in part to a new road connecting the town with the coastal resort of Fuengirola.


Alhaurin el Grande is the perfect location for anyone looking to live inland away from the Costa del Sol’s seafront. Just 8km from Coín to the west and around 31km from Malaga to the east, it’s a great location for anyone looking to start a new life in southern Spain.


These days, Alhaurin el Grande is a town of some 23,000 people, but its beginnings as a rural community are still there for all to see. It’s surrounded by some extremely attractive countryside, and the mountains of the Sierra de Mijas give the skyline an extremely dramatic appearance.


The centre of town is home to a wonderful selection of stores, so be sure to include some retail therapy in your first visits here. There’s a bustling market on Saturdays offering the freshest local produce and some wonderful Andalusian specialities. There’s a noticeable ex-pat community in Alhaurin el Grande, so the more traditional British tastes are also catered for in many of the town’s shops.


Wining and dining in style

If you like eating out, you’re going to love this place. Make sure you try the local tapas bars, where you can eat cheaply and enjoy superb Spanish red wine. The locals like to eat late in the evening in their favourite eateries, where they can unwind after a hard day and watch the world go by. For good value, try the menu del dia, the daily menu that brings a wonderful meal for an extremely low cost.


As a general rule, Alhaurin el Grande is split roughly into two sections, the new town and the old town. The old town is home to some superb traditional eateries and shops, while the new town has a strip of bars, restaurants, tapas bars and a couple of nightclubs. Having said that, it’s not a wildly loud town, it’s pleasantly lively but no more than that.


There is so much to see and do in Alhaurin el Grande. The local sports centre offers a great range of activities, including basketball, tennis and swimming. You will love the various ferias and fiestas which are held in the town, bringing you a highly enjoyable slice of traditional Spanish life. And it’s worth noting there are several schools here for those with young children.


If you’re thinking about making the move to Alhaurin el Grande, talk to Simply Costa Developments for all the information you need. We’re looking forward to hearing from you on +34 682 66 22 89 soon.

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